What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

What is Lions Mane Mushroom?

Lions Mane Mushroom is a type of medicinal mushroom that has long been used in Chinese medicine and for culinary purposes.  It is also used in Korea, Japan and India. This mushroom grows on the trunk of hardwood trees.  It is shaggy and white in color, looking like the mane of a lion, hence the name Lions Mane Mushroom.

It is available as a supplement. It is taken orally. It can be used for a couple of months safely.

It is usually taken to aid in brain functioning, thinking and memory skills. It promotes mental functioning and memory skills in older people, or people suffering from various mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, anxiety, depression, dementia, Parkinson’s disease.

According to clinical trials that have been conducted, some of the benefits it provides include supporting the immune system, promoting digestion and minimizing inflammation and supporting brain function.

Lions Mane Mushroom is safe to use. However, if you are allergic to mushrooms, then it is best to avoid Lions Mane since it is made from Mushroom extract.

Lions Mane Mushroom has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Since this Mushroom extract can reduce blood clotting, stop taking it at least 2 weeks to surgery.